Monday, 14 September 2009

Adaptive ISA for Management & Engineering II

Specifically concerning the IT/IS area (either in the management & engineering perspective) what are the most promising approaches tools/methods/models/processes/frameworks to enable an adaptable architecture ?

Here are some exemplification tools/methods/models/processes/frameworks that serves as kick-off for discussion.

Methods & models:
AOM – Adaptive Object-Models
SPL – Software Product Lines
Reference models

Development processes:
AOP – Aspect-oriented programming
Agile development, e.g.: XP
MDE – model driven engineering

Other approaches & frameworks:
Generic adaptable systems
Agent based
Exception handling mechanisms

Adaptable Architecture for management & engineering

The adaptive information systems(AIS) architecture efforts are a subset of the IS architecture efforts.

The aim of begin adaptive is to allow an enterprise architecture (EA) to be resilient to the changing environments surrounding and electronic based organization.

First of all, the EA may encompasse the following layers:
   1.strategic architecture processes architecture
   3.information architecture
   4.aplication architecture
   5.technological architecture

Each layer offers different tools to achieve adaptiveness. Some examples mechanisms regarding adaptiveness are:


A methodological approach to clear understand the structure and dynamics of AIS comprises:
   AIS observability
   AIS qualities identification (based in software engineering approaches[1])
   AIS qualities evaluation (based in software engineering approaches [2])
   AIS design (based in best-practices from industry and academy)
   AIS controllability

 Application fields examples that take benefit from AIS:
   project management - reusing the former IS architecture for other projects
   software industry - specializing the software whenever new requirements are launched